Fitness Support and Personal Trainer Jobs, Wagga Location

Xceler8 Gym Wagga is not only the largest but also the fastest growing of all gyms in Wagga Wagga and our team plays a big part in our success.  We’re always expanding and frequently have Personal Training, Sales and Reception jobs available. 

Our Personal Trainers are dedicated, skilled, experienced and passionate about inspiring their clients to achieve great things. They love being at the top of their game, possess the right qualifications and want to keep their career progressing with Continuing Education Credits (CECs). If you think you’re the right fit, we’ve got the best Personal Trainer jobs in Wagga. Let’s talk.

It’s not just Personal Trainer jobs!  We’re always looking for people with great fitness industry support role experience, including Sales & Reception, who are passionate about playing an important part in the success of our clients.  If that’s you, let’s talk.

Please apply below or drop in to our fitness centre, Wagga.

Xceler8 Fitness Centre is the most rapidly expanding and increasingly high profile health and fitness centre in the Wagga Wagga area.

If you have looked through this website you will see the quality of our knowledge, our clients, and our personal trainers themselves.

As such we are constantly on the lookout to recruit talented personal trainers and actively encourage anyone with a strong industry background to contact us directly to discuss how we may work together. Be warned, our professional standards are exacting and high, but so are the rewards!

We are very keen to hear from any personal trainer who may want to use our facilities with their own clients, or come work with us in a more formal manner. We love trainers who are on top of their game and will move heaven and earth to give those who work with us access to the very best personal training environment and support possible.

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