• Direct debit account set up fees apply.
  • No extra charge for 24hr access card on signing (Lost 24hr entry tag renewal $10).
  • Change of account fee $10.
  • You will receive 6 weeks free on hold period each year. More than the 6 weeks on hold will receive a $5.50 per fortnight account management fee. Retirees will receive 8 weeks on hold period. This is for direct debit (dd) and upfront memberships.
  • Program renews $35 for 1 hour, members only (paid at the time of booking, can be added to next dd payment)
  • Advanced Programming $55 (paid at the time of booking, can be added to next dd payment)
  • Everyone receives Bootcamps with the purchase of a bootcamps shirt. Or it’s 50 burpees each time without shirt.

Becoming a part of a health and fitness club should be a positive life changing experience. That’s why it is so important to choose the club that is right for YOU. There are many styles of gyms and each vary in what they offer their members and the atmosphere, or ‘feel’ they provide.

At Xceler8 24 hr Fitness, we promise our members a friendly face the first time you walk into the facility, and every time thereafter. We understand that you feeling comfortable in your gym is paramount and we go the extra step to ensure this happens. We provide all the help you need from programming, follow-up help on the gym floor, and group fitness class recommendations.

We have taken down the barriers to variety in your training with our all-inclusive new membership options that provide unlimited access to group fitness classes, bootcamps, the gym of your choice, and much more.

At Xceler8, there really is something for everyone so come and see us TODAY!

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