Our Philosophy

Xceler8 strives to provide the most supportive environment and best facilities to keep members’ motivation strong.

“Xceler8 is as much a ‘social club’ as a health club. We understand that the biggest challenge for most people is walking through the doors of a fitness centre for the first time… what we can promise you at Xceler8 is on the other side of those doors is a health club with state of the art equipment, passionate staff and the friendliest, most down to earth clients I have ever seen.

In short, just people like you and I…” Kerry Podmore, Owner

Our Community

We’re more than just a gym, we’re a community of Wagga residents striving together for better health.  Although our membership is diverse, we’re a like minded, mutually supportive group that helps you strive to be your best. 

“To us, Xceler8 is more than just a logo on our shirts. It’s more than a brand than can be used on our radio and TV advertising. And it’s much more than just a big pink building in Chaston Street, Wagga. It’s a fitness centre for people just like you and I… To us and to our clientele, it’s a safe haven where people can begin their health and fitness journey in a safe environment… Judgment free… because at Xceler8 your health and happiness is our top priority.” Kerry Podmore, Owner

Every year we run the fundraising Biggest Winner competition where we tour the region helping people to get fit and healthy.  The winner is announced at our charity gala dinner.  Like our Family Day (attracting 2000 people annually), support for local charities and our work with Relay for Life, this event generates sizable charitable contributions for the Wagga area.  In fact, with the support of our wonderful community of members, we’ve been able to donate $100,000 to local charities in the past 18 months.